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Come to the Throne

A completely new OS experience

Realm is a concept for a revolutionary operating system to run on home video game consoles. It is designed to be used in a domestic environment for its sophisticated user experience and interactivity. Here is what sets it apart from all the existing operating systems.

  • Vox


    Realm supports some motion controlled gestures, but the way to communicate with it is using your voice. Vox is able to understand up to 80,000 words and unlike the existing voice control systems, it knows the semantic meaning of each word and how they can convey specific meanings.

  • User Experience

    User Experience

    You will never be just a user. Everything in this operating system has been thought to convey the idea of regality, from the graphic interface to the way your virtual assistants address you. You will have your personal butler and you'll be regarded as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess.

  • Customisation

    Make it yours

    Initially you are given a piece of land on a virtual planet called Ambrosia, where you can build your royal palace Hall after Hall. Halls are applications which can be installed on Realm. You begin with four Halls, including a magnificent Throne Room. It is up to you to decide what to build next.

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If you read up to this point, then Realm has probably tickled your interest. This is why we put together a handout explaining everything about Realm, from its creation to its current development stage. Request a copy by filling and submitting the form below.

Handout One last thing to notice. We are very proud of our concept and know the importance of a good idea. Therefore we will evaluate your request carefully before inviting you to take part in it.

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