A completely new OS experience.

Prepare yourself to come to the throne and rule a kingdom of your own. A new operating system based on role-play and customisation.

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A new era of software.

Mellium, based in London, engineers and designs innovative software focussing on attention to details and unparalleled user experience.


What we do

A Mellium product starts from its end, the user. Every stage of production, from its conception to its release, revolves around the creation of something surprising and unique. For the iconic design, the attention to details, the user experience, there is nothing quite like a Mellium product.

How we do it

Exceptional customer care crowns the experience of a Mellium product. Every customer is provided with a one-to-one product assistant. Their job is to solve any issue encountered and to report precious feedback to the development team. Customers are part of the company.

The event of a lifetime.

We are preparing the most ambitious plan to bring you the greatest form of entertainment you have ever experienced. Coming to life in 2025.

Opening May 2025